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similar but not alike

Sivan's mother passed away 11 years ago, not many of her clothes were kept, but they did save an Embroidered fabric that was used to decorate her hospital room

Sivan and her mother traveled especially to the Bedouin village Lakia to buy the fabric that would brighten and fill the hospital room with colour

Sivan asked if I can make delicate creatures. The traditional embroidery she brought was a beautiful yet heavy textured fabric. So I had to think how to keep the nature of the heavy fabric and yet create a delicate family of dolls

Do you know those people who can pull off anything and always look stylish and elegant? Because its not what they wear, its who they are and how they wear it.

That’s what I love about working with different fabrics – its not only about the fabric as it is – its how the doll is going to "wear it" – its about interpretation.

[Sivan also asked if I can make the dolls similar but not the same: A family of dolls..

I guess maybe that is part of essence of a family – interpretation. we start from a similar origin, we are similar but not alike, we get to interpret our origin and create our own unique identity.

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