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About Us



My name is Nana, I love stories, people and textiles 
When I finished my studies in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, I was left with  piles of scraps of fabric from my finale project.  They sat there staring at me, waiting for me to do something with them. At the time I didn't know what i’m going to do next, now that my studies were over. I sat down by my sewing machine. Within a few hours I was holding my first bear doll.
This bear was the first Creature, he was followed with more and more Creatures, made out of leftover scraps of fabric. Soon after, our small, crowded student apartment was overflowing with fluffy dolls.  

final logo-04.png

Today, several years later, I’m married, a mother of two and the owner of Project-Creatures, a doll making and storytelling studio. It took me a few years to realize that these bears weren't a temporary hobby, but a mission.

Project-Creatures is a studio that respects and is inspired by people, stories and textiles. Since the beginning of the project, we have been reusing fabrics and bringing  new life to products whose materials have aged but still have a story and memories folded in them.


With a team of talented people we are here to hear your stories and help convert your textiles and memories into a huggable keepsake.

you are welcome to write to us for questions, comments, ideas. I would love to hear your story.

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