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Pointy hat

Leah came all the way to the studio from Tel Aviv, travelling by bus. She arrived determined, impressive, flowing with stories that she told in a way that you can only made me want to sit and listen more and more and more.

She told me about Shaul, Shauli, her husband who was killed in a sudden car accident, At the height of his life. He was a man who loved to sit and read endlessly, he was funny and witty and so so loved.

Leah and I met just a moment before the Corona virus burst into our lives. It feels as if years have passed since. The corona completely prevented Leah from flying and bringing the dolls to her granddaughters, and the dolls were waiting for the right moment, which arrived a few days ago. The little one was just a baby when Leah sat with me and designed the perfect doll for her. Dolls with rompers, pointed hats, furry ears and Hobbit socks. Every detail symbolizes a side in Shauls' personality.

That baby, is already a two-year-old girl, she and her older sister already know to tell about Grandpa Shauli, that the dolls are his dolls.

Thank you Leah for coming so far, for waiting for the right moment to give the dolls and for sharing with me your beautiful words.


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