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Matryoshka - This was the image that came to my mind when I read the letter Noga wrote and attached to fabrics she sent to the studio.

Noga lost her daughter Keren-Or who was already a mother herself, ten years ago.

Keren-Or's daughters were 3 and 5 years old at the time. it happened so fast, from an undiagnosed infection.

Noga consulted with the girls, and together they chose the dolls, and the fabrics that would make them up: a piece from Keren-Or's wedding dress, dresses she loved to wear, scraps from clothes Noga sewed for her.

When we asked to share the photos and the story Noga first asked for her granddaughters permission. "These are their dolls", she said, "and tragedy is first and foremost theirs, it's important for me to hear their opinion."

Like a Matryoshka that one of her dolls has been lost, the next doll moves and shakes within the one who is two generations older than her, hugged, loved and contained.


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