Design your own creature


Lisa Davidson Oren

I'm always looking for ways to keep my dad's memory going and I've found such a perfect way to ensure that our children, grandchildren and further generations remember our lovely Kenny. Project Creatures takes clothes belonging to loved ones and uses them to make a memory cushion. We now have a cushion made from my dad's favorite ties and the jumper he loved.


Shani Peleg

With much talent and creativity Nana took Sarah-Agam’s favorite clothes and created beautiful dolls. Dear Nana,
Thanks for your project, thanks for listening, thanks for your patience, thanks for the most special, beautiful  and touching dolls.


Dana Tsabar

Nana is just lovely! The whole process was easy, comfortable and flowing. From the first phone call, through deciding on the doll and the features it would have until receiving the final product. I am really pleased with everything and I highly recommend it! 

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Channah Spiegelman

Nana, I do not know if you truly understand the gift you gave me… I was so lost and left searching for something tangible to hold on too… you created a warm and safe place to unfold my grief. You allowed the ability to share who my wonderful parents were and their personal story. You helped me find an outlet that was loving and full of heart.