The newest addition to our custom made collection: the UNICORN is here! 

she is a gentle and unique wild beast, with a hair you can braid and embridered details face.

The unicorn is a sitting creature (no other sizes to choose from like in other styles we have) but the clothes she wears are for you to choose:

You are welcome to choose her features and clothing, and style as you like.

Please note that every feature is a little different in price, and that the basic price here, 330 ש"ח, is for a plain UNICORN , with no clothing or any other accessories. if you would like to personalize your creature even further, please write your prefrences the box below. (for example - if you want a spesific hair color, a name embroidery, or if the clothing you are about to send me has a special feature you want me to use on the creature, your ideas are my command and inspiration)


PriceFrom ₪330.00
  • Jacket : + 40 ש"ח

    Sweater : + 40 ש"ח

    scarf : + 20 ש"ח

    Dress : + 60 ש"ח