This is the Koala :)

The idea of creating her came from a special Facebook group of mothers who lost their mothers, and though she is dedicated to them, she is open for everyone to order.

The Koala has a hidden pocket on her belly, for cherished memories, photos or other small items of your choice.

You are welcome to choose his\her features, size and style as you like.

Please note that every feature is a little different in price, and that the basic price here, 290 ש"ח, is for a plain Koala , standard size, with no clothing or any other accessories. if you would like to personalize your creature even further, please write your prefrences the box. (for example - if you want a name embroidery, or if the clothing you are about to send me has a special feature you want me to use on the creature, your ideas are my command and inspiration)


PriceFrom ₪290.00

    Large size  40 NIS
    Seated creature  40 NIS
    With Jacket  40 NIS
    With Sweater  40 NIS
    With Scarf 20 NIS
    With Dress 60 NIS
    With Romper  40 NIS