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A five legged Yak

Every once in a while, someone comes into the studio with a whole new idea. They want a doll, but they don't want a bear or a bunny or a fox. They want something different, a new shape, a new Creature created especially for them.

For me it's always a pleasure. I get to be extra creative and expand my range of creatures.

Philipe was one of those creative clients. He is also probably the most creative and original grandfather I have ever met!

When it was announced that a new baby was going to be born into the family, he decided to surprise the parents-to-be with a special doll.

All the way from Paris, he sent me 2 clothing items, one from each parent. Wrapped carefully in a paper bag, I found a Bar-Mitzvah vest that used to belong to the father-to-be, and baby clothes that used to belong to the mother-to-be.

Grandpa Philipe asked me to wait for the announcement of the baby's birth before starting my "labor"

Philipe wanted a new creature, something in a shape I had never made before. He had a lot of ideas for the Creature but we wanted to create a doll that would hold and symbolize the story of the family.

Finally we decided on a five-legged Yak, one leg to represent each "member" of the family: Daddy Elliot, Maman Marie, Rose, Marceau, and new baby girl, Felicie.

(The truth is that I had never seen a yak before, but with the help of google, I found lots of photos of this beautiful and bizarre animal which reminds me a bit of a cow with a fringe ;) )

It was a great pleasure to sew and make this YAK and the result is in front of you:

Thank you to Philipe for the idea and for giving me the ambition to create such an original Creature .