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Yak, from pants and resourcefulness.

Usually when I make a doll I receive from the customer at least a couple of clothing items.

This doll gave me a bit of a challenge, since I received only one clothing item- a pair of pants.

How will I get the most out of one clothing item?

How do I make sure it stands out and does not get interfered too much with the other fabrics from the studio?

Luckily, these pants had a little surprise: they were double-sided, one color on the outside and a different color on the inside, such a happy fabric.

The Yak has so many details- He has ears and a nose, horns, saddle, cheeks and legs, Each of these needs a pattern that doesn't conflict with another pattern.

We cut out all the pieces from the pants and started playing with it - it's straight and it's upside down, until we came to the happy result: